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We're driven by passion. Join us in changing the way the world moves.

Co robimy?...

If you’re passionate about changing the way the world moves for good then there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the BMW Group. Every day our teams are rewriting automotive history with their pioneering work in fields like autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and e-mobility. But you don’t just have to work at the cutting edge of high-tech to make a real difference with us. We are always looking for new talent to help us keep pushing the limits of what’s possible in a broad variety of roles.

Dlaczego warto z nami pracować?...

What makes working for us so special? We could tell you about our high scores in rankings of employer attractiveness. Or talk about how important it is for us to challenge each talent in order to support personal growth. We could explain why we appreciate every single character in individual diversity. Or describe, what it means to live passion together – every day anew. But in the end: You must experience it yourself.

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